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Our Founder, Geydi

Geydi Guerrero is a post-surgical therapist with almost 10 years of practice. She has received training in areas such as aesthetic medicine, wellness and health, body shaping, medical assistance, physical therapy, edema, and lymphatic drainage, from specialists of different nationalities. This has allowed her and her team to establish themselves as the most renowned post-surgical therapy and lymphatic drainage professionals in the United States.

In mid-2022, the company received notification of its nomination in two categories at the prestigious Best of The Boro Awards in the Borough region of the Bronx in New York State. The Ponce Bank and the Bronx Times newspaper were the ones who broke the news and reported that the winners of the awards would be published in the newspaper in the coming months, in which large MEDSPA franchises operating in that boron competed, however, the spa turned out to be a winner in both categories.

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