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microblading by lena in bronx, ny at finer beauty spa

Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup treatment that provides individuals with natural, symmetrical, and perfectly shaped eyebrows. Doing your eyebrows every single morning takes time and money. Instead of looking in the mirror for 20 minutes every day and spending money on gels, brushes, pomades, and powders, opt for microblading. With microblading, a professional does the work for you. Using a tiny blade, a microblading artist adds pigment to your eyebrow area, resembling your natural hairs, while also adding tint, shape, and symmetry.

Microbladed eyebrows last up to 2 years. That means you can wake up every single morning for 2 years with perfect eyebrows. You can also shower, work out, and swim with microbladed eyebrows without worrying about them fading or washing off.

Another benefit to microblading is that it is almost painless. Unlike waxing or threading, microblading uses a numbing cream so you don’t feel a thing. Some individuals feel a tingling sensation, while others are so relaxed and comfortable that they fall asleep during the procedure.

Microblading is also best for people experiencing hair loss. If you are losing your hair or undergoing chemotherapy, microblading can give you a natural appearance. Microblading also requires minimal care and only one touch-up after four weeks.

If you are located in the Bronx, NY, area, Finer Beauty Spa n is the top destination to receive microbladed eyebrows. Visit our location to achieve the eyebrows of your dreams! We can’t wait for you to enjoy the many benefits of microbladed eyebrows!

brow lamination in bronx, NY

Brow Lamination Bronx NY.jpeg

Brow Lamination is the trendiest Brow Treatment, the best solution for asymmetric eyebrows where the hair going all over the place. With Brow Lamination, Lena can realign the brows to give you the fuller, fluffier brow look of your dreams; just brush them into shape in the morning and you are good for the rest of the day!!

No more messy brows,! We create volume and fullness and give you On Fleek Brows for 3-6 weeks. 



Who can do this treatment?
Anyone with a moderate amount of natural brow hair, that’s interested in a fuller, fluffier look with no commitment and very minimal maintenance. Not suitable for heavily tattooed Brows!

Lash lift in bronx, NY

Lash Lift in Bronx New York.jpg

A lash lift-and-tint treatment involves two separate processes, both designed to give you beautiful, fluttery eyelashes for weeks. It makes your lashes bend upwards, leaving them looking longer, and your eyes more open and bright. The lash tint is similar to a brow tint, dyeing the hair to be darker and more obvious. Often, the eyelashes are naturally lighter on the end. Often, many people don’t even use mascara after getting the service. It’s an awesome alternative to expensive lash extensions and the results can last up to 8 weeks.

  • Eyelash Lift $90

  • Eyelash Lift  + Tint $115

  • Eyelash or Brow Tint $30

  • Brow Lamination $100

  • Brow Lamination + Tint $125

  • Microblading $500

  • Microblading Touch Up in 4-6 Weeks $100

  • Microblading Touch Up After 2 Months $200

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